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The objective of the JollyGul.com Expression Channel on YouTube is to encourage expression, engagement and wide participation by everyone in the Jamat on our singing and music platform. This is separate from the JollyGul Main Channel on YouTube which carries curated content of devotional songs and music.

We invite video submissions from the Jamat, there will be no editing by JollyGul.com on the Expression Channel - simply a yes/no decision to publish. Videos can be from all age groups and can consist of devotional songs and music as well as general display of artistic talent.

Here are some general content guidelines and a link for the Jamat to easily send their videos to us with a simple drag and drop action from their computer or upload from a smartphone.

General content guidelines:

1. Videos 30 secs - 3 mins (ideally) in length
2. Ginans, qasidas, geets, songs with or without music - by individuals, jointly with families and friends
3. Jamati members (especially younger members) displaying general artistic talent (even with non-devotional songs) will be considered
4. Videos need to belong to person uploading them (you can not upload on behalf of others unless you are a parent/guardian or have express authority)
5. No speeches or lectures - we are a song and music service
6. Follow commonsense guidelines and community standards on acceptable content
7. Be creative, be bold, artistically keep pushing the envelope
8. There is no age limit, very young members of the Jamat and seniors especially encouraged to participate
9. The goal here is participation by all and having fun and yes, also occasionally getting a laugh
10. Don’t be shy, get out of your comfort zone!

File Upload guidelines:

1. Do not send files by emails, large files will not go through by email. And using messaging/chat apps to send files results in file compression
2. Simply shoot the video on your smartphone or camera and upload or drag and drop to our high capacity AWS cloud servers using the link below
3. Our servers can directly take very large file uploads of videos and audios (2 GB per upload)
4. You need not use any third-party file sharing service. Everything happens on the JollyGul.com Platform
5. It’s simple - shoot and upload!

File Upload Link to JollyGul AWS High Capacity Cloud Servers:

Link to JollyGul Expression Channel to see where your videos will appear if accepted as well as to get an idea on type of content

Happy Expressions!