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What is Anant Akhado?

  • Anant Akhado literally means a gathering of unlimited souls in an eternal context. It is a well known and respected composition of 500 verses written by Pir Hasan Kabiruddin at a very young age over a period of 6 months. He wrote the verses in Khojki script on a piece of cloth woven by himself.
  • The verses deal with a comprehensive range of spiritual themes - struggle for liberation of the individual soul, religious practices and the relationship between a Murid and the Murshid.
  • Overall, it is an expression of a timeless vision of hope for an individual soul bound to the clogging and hampering of this illusory material existence; to rise beyond it into eternity where it will unite with souls from other periods and ages in a joyous and festive manner, and merge with the ultimate reality as an eternal homecoming.
  • Upon completion of the verses, Pir Hasan Kabiruddin presented them to the 30th Imam Mawlana Islam Shah by folding the cloth in the form of a turban. He was bestowed with the title and responsibities of a Pir at that meeting.
  • The practical importance of these verses in Ismaili tradition is attested to by the fact that they are recited daily in Jamatkhanas before the first prayer. Indeed Mawlana Sultan Muhammed Shah had advised many murids to recite the entire Anant Akhado in times of difficulties and crises.

Sources: Introduction to Anant Akhado - Karim Maherali (Ismaili.Net)
              Dr Noorallah Juma (SalmanSpiritual.com)

Transliteration & Translation Credits

  • Our special thanks to Dr. Noorallah Juma and SalmanSpiritual.com for the transliteration, Karim Maherali and Ismaili.net for the literal translation. We appreciate your outstanding work in this area.
  • Dr. Juma’s original transliteration also has diacritical marks (added to the top or bottom of a letter) to ensure proper pronunciation of words. You can access this version and many more Anant Akharo resources on SalmanSpiritual.com

JollyGul Anant Akhado Service & User Guide

JollyGul Anant Akhado Service
  • Play Anant Akhado on our custom audio player.
  • Synchronized lyrics and translations will appear on the display screen .
  • Select title, start, pause, skip, forward, rewind, stop – you are in full control!
  • Search by verse number or reciter.
How JollyGul Anant Akhado custom audio player works
  • Select any Anant Akhado recital from list by clicking on title.
  • Once complete, the audio player will play next Anant Akhado verse from the play list.
  • To play specific Anant Akhado recital, select by clicking on the title in the play list.
How Anant Akhado search works
  • Search by verse or reciter
  • Results of search will appear as you enter your search term.
  • Click on any title you wish to play from the search results.
  • Once it completes playing, audio player will play the next Anant Akhado from the search results.
  • Clear search term from search box to see the main Anant Akhado play list again.
JollyGul Anant Akhado Services
  • This Anant Akhado service is available on demand. It plays only Anant Akhado and displays lyrics and translations.
  • Here you play Anant Akhado, pause, forward, rewind, skip and replay at will. And you see lyrics and translations as you hear the verses.
  • We have a separate Ginans-On-Demand service which only plays ginans without music as heard in Jamat Khanas. Our Kalame Mawla Service enables you to listen to verses and view lyrics & translations at the same time.Qasidas Unlocked plays qasidas only and JollyGul RADIO plays all types of Ismaili music (ginans with and without music, geets, qasidas, modern, fusion etc.)
  • We do not have specific mobile apps at present for our Anant Akhado, Qasidas Unlocked, Kalame Mawla and Ginans-On-Demand services (unlike our radio which can be accessed through Android and iPhone Apps) but you can listen on your computer, tablet or even smartphone. Our service webpages and audio players are mobile friendly (fully responsive) so you should have no problem at all accessing them through your smartphone browser.
  • The easy to remember domain to access this Anant Akhado service is www.AnantAkhado.com
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As a complement to the Anant Akhado service, JollyGul.com has also released 5 podcast episodes to throw more light on the subject. The podcast episodes gives an overview of Anant Akhado, presents a profile of Pir Hasan Kabiruddin and delves into some of the verses.

Anant Akhado Podcast Series

Hosted By Arzina Merali & Alnoor Saleh
  • Episode 1: Anant Akhado – An Overview
  • Episode 2: Pir Hasan Kabiruddin – A Profile In Simplicity, Intensity and Charisma
  • Episode 3: The Most Popular Anant Akhado Verse - Recited Before Evening Prayers
  • Episode 4: Karim Maherali’s 4 Favorite Verses – An Expert’s Take
  • Episode 5: Conclusion - Anant Akhado Should Be In Your Bucket List


  • Our special thanks to Shafiq Rawji, Shabnam Merali, Almas Murji and Aly Sunderji for the wonderful recitations.
  • Our gratitude to Karim Maherali and Dr Noorallah Juma for the immense translation and transliteration efforts. And to Ismaili.Net and SalmanSpiritual.com for making these accessible online.
  • Karim Maherali provided additional important help at short notice with going through the translations and updating them where appropriate.
  • Alnoor Saleh and Arzina Merali hosted the podcast episodes and we are very grateful to them.
  • Our sincere appreciation to Arzina Merali for general advice and overall help with content enhancement.