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Copyright & Inapproriate Material

It is our policy to fully respect the creative works and intellectual property of all involved.
If you see something on our website, that should not be there because it involves inapproriate content or breach of copyright, you can report this to us through our Contact Us form and we will look into this and take remedial action.

However remember there are different types of media posted on our website. If you see something in the YouTube or SoundCloud section, the proper place to report this would be to these respective websites. All we are doing is indexing what is hosted on their servers on our website with an embed link. The party that has posted the video or audio on those properties has given embed permission to them.

However, by reporting to us, we can remove such content link from our website especially if it is inappropriate – even though it will still be available on the Internet if it is still on YouTube or SoundCloud.

If you see something that should not be there on our own Hosted Section, we would be the correct party to contact so that corrective action is immediately taken.

To those who are uploading their audios to our servers, we have this advice – only upload work that is your own.

As far as our policy on inappropriate material is concerned, it is very clear – if it involves disparaging individuals or groups of people due to their race, national origin, religion or gender – it will be removed. We also request civility in lyrics and discourse when interacting with others both in song and in prose. In short, we have zero tolerance for any type of hate speech.