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What is Jannat Puri?

  • Jannat Puri is granth (long format ginan) by Sayyed Imam Shah.
  • Sayyed Imam Shah was the youngest of the eighteen children of Pir Hasan Kabiruddin and grandson of Pir Sadardin. He was born at Uchh Sharif near Multan in the 15th century.
  • Jannat Puri is a 158-verse granth in which Sayyed Imam Shah talks about his family, the death of his father Pir Hasan Kabiruddin and also narrates to us (in third person terms) his perspective about after-life.
  • Sayyed Imam Shah tells us a story about his observations and lessons learned having “visited” after-life and seen the bad (suffering) and the good (paradise).
  • The name of the granth Jannat Puri (The City of Paradise) comes from that part of the granth.

A General Note: Our ginans and granths were written many hundreds of years ago. We continue to recite and celebrate them and many have lessons and core values that stand the test of time. But social norms as well as our faith and practices evolve over time. In Ismailism, our current values and practice of faith as a community are guided by our Imam-e-Zaman based on the present time. That is a wonderful aspect of Ismailism and one of it's central tenets and key strengths. So whilst we enjoy and learn from our centuries old rich tradition of devotional hymns, wherever we see ambiguity or conflict with what is clearly the current guidance, there should be absolutely no doubt in our minds about what prevails.

Acknowledgements & Appreciation

  • The entire granth was recited by Alnoor Saleh.
  • Transliterations and translations are done by Platinum Rahemtulla.
  • Arzina Merali did the audio recording and production.