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What is Brahm Prakash?

  • Brahm Prakash means divine illumination or light. It is a granth (long format ginan) composition of 150 verses written by Pir Shams Sabzwari in the 14th Century.
  • It is a mystical poem that seeks to guide the murid from stage to stage of spiritual progress towards the attainment of darshan (vision) of the Lord within one's own self-hood.
  • The central theme consists of attainment of spiritual bliss (sukh, anand) through sabad (Shabd, Word or Name), prescription for dhikr or meditation, spiritual experience, spectacles and miracles and the indescribable nature of the spiritual world.
  • It also contains a long section on those who get lost on this path and fail to attain the bliss as well as those who succeed.

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As a complement to the Brahm Prakash service, JollyGul.com has also released 3 podcast episodes to throw more light on the subject. The podcast episodes gives an overview of Brahm Prakash, delves into some of the verses and also narrates an experience of a murid the late Dr Nathoo with Brahm Prakash as he was on his own spiritual odyssey.

Brahm Prakash Podcast Series

Hosted By Zia Saleh & Karim Maherali
  • Episode 1: Brahm Prakash – An Overview
  • Episode 2: Brahm Prakash - A ladder to attain spiritual fulfillment
  • Episode 3: Brahm Prakash and the spiritual odyssey of late Dr Nathoo


  • Our special thanks to Alnoor Saleh for the wonderful recitation. He recited the 150th verse as energetically as Verse No.1
  • Our deep gratitude to Karim Maherali for passionately taking up the transliteration and translations challenge - and for his eye for detail.
  • Zia Saleh and Karim Maherali hosted the podcast episodes and we are very grateful to them.