Genre: Ginans

Composer: Pir Sadardin

Artist: Aly Sunderji & Farah Nazarali

Accompaniment: Vocal Only

Media: Videos

English translation sourced from IIS STEP Student
Reader: Muslim Devotion and Ethical Literature

Recited by: Aly Sunderji
Narrated by: Farah Nazarali

Eji Dhan dhan aajno daadlo re
Ame Harivar paaya ji
Chaar joogna kasamal paapaj taaliya ji

Hetno melaavdo aapña satgursu(n) kije ji
Man-no melaavdo aapña baar gursu(n) kije ji
Dhootaaro sansaar parle chhodi mukije
Thagaaro sansaar Shahne naame tarijiye
Eñe sansaare bhala sookaram kaam kije.. ..1

Eji Aalmot gadh paatañ delam desh ji
Tiyaa(n) avtariya Shah maankha vesh ji.. ..Hetno..2

Eji Uncha uncha parbat visami chhe ghaat ji
Tiyaa(n) chadi jou(n) Noor Satgurni vaat ji.. ..Hetno..3

Eji Uncha uncha tarovar paan vina hiña ji
Tem bhoola bhame maankha jivda, gur ginan-na hiña ji.. ..Hetno..4

Eji Chovatde chovatde aapño Sami raajo aave ji
Aavi kari jumlaaji-maa(n) mali kari betha ji.. ..Hetno..5

Eji Shaamli bajaare aapño Sami raajo ditha ji
Sona-ne singaasañe aapño Sami raajo betha ji.. ..Hetno..6

Eji Aale kaa(n)she neele vaa(n)she chori chitraavo ji
Chori chitraavi Shahna lagan lakhaavo ji
Lagan lakhaavi Shahna thaal bharaavo ji
Thaal bharaavi Shahne motide vadhaavo ji
Parñe aapño parthami raajo vishav ku(n)vaari ji.. ..Hetno..7

Eji Bhañe Pir Sadardin ame vañjaara ji
Joi joi vohro vira vañaj hamaara ji
Pashu jivda kiya jaañe vañaj hamaara ji.. ..Hetno..8


Believers! Happy and blessed is this day! We, have attained the presence of God!
The burden of the sins from the four epochs has been pardoned.
It is a gathering of great happiness with the Satgur. Keep (with you) the teachings of the Pir who saved a hundred and twenty million souls. Leave this deceitful world, in the name of the Lord, discard this illusory world. In this illusory world, perform good deeds.. ..1

Believers! In the city of Alamut there is a fort, in the region of Daylam
There the Lord manifested himself in human form.. ..2

Believers! In the high high mountains, the roads are unpassable
I climb there, and wait for the light of the Satgur.. ..3

Believers! However tall trees are, they desolate without leaves
Without knowledge of the guide, many are misled.. ..4

Believers! At open spaces, at for crossroads, the Lord appears
He comes where the community gathers and sits with them.. ..5

Believers! The Lord is seen in the market place
Sitting on a golden lion throne.. ..6

Believers! Decorate the four corners of the wedding arbour and set the lord’s wedding
Having set the wedding, prepare a tray of offerings
Having prepared the tray, shower the lord with pearls
For our lord is uniting with the cleansed soul of a mu’min.. ..7

Believers! Pir Sadardin teaches: We are like traveling traders
Brothers, be aware and trade carefully
What do immature souls know of our (spiritual) trading?. ..8

Studio recorded at
Lata Mangeshkar Studio Mumbai India