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What is JollyGul “Ginans A to Z” Service?

  • We are fortunate, as a community, to have a rich collection of over 800 ginans which our Pirs and Sayyids composed over the last 700 years. This is part of a “wonderful tradition” of devotional hymns which we benefit from and cherish to date as part of our religious rituals.

    “Ginans A to Z” Service is a comprehensive presentation of the recitations of all these ginans by various individuals. All recitations are without music and there is one (individual) recitation per ginan.

    The goal of JollyGul “Ginans A to Z” Service is to ensure that all the ginans on this service should eventually play with running lyrics and translations displayed on our custom audio player. This is a long term process; but we have already started in earnest and we have lyrics and translations for many ginans. This may take some time to complete, but there is no reason why the Jamat should not start enjoying the service whilst this is still work-in-progress. All the ginans have been uploaded, and many already have lyrics and translations displaying.

JollyGul “Ginans A to Z” Service and Ginan Central’s Master Index

  • Ginan Central is a very resourceful website run by Karim Tharani tenured librarian and faculty at the University of Saskatchewan. There is a lot of important work done by Ginan Central in terms of organizing recitations, literature and research about our ginans in an easy to find way for users as well as for preservation and study.

    Ginan Central and JollyGul.com are independent entities. JollyGul.com has benefited enormously from the work done by Ginan Central in bringing our ginan services to the Jamat. If you have been enjoying our services, remember the saying ”if you want to look tall, stand on the shoulders of a giant”. Ginan Central efforts in the ginan field have been truly gigantic.

    Ginan Central also has a Ginan Master Index where over 800 ginans are listed with title, composer name, multiple recitations of each ginan and link to translations, research and manuscripts. Each ginan has also been ascribed a Ginan Master ID.

    JollyGul “Ginans A to Z” Service mirrors the Ginan Central Master Index of Ginans. So as an example, you have finished listening to “ab teri mahobat lagi” with lyrics and translations display on “Ginans A to Z” on JollyGul.com and now you wish to hear recitations from other reciters as well as look at other resources that may exist for this ginan. All you have to do is click on the ID Number on that row and you will be taken to Ginan Central resource page for that specific ginan!

    Please note the transliterations and translations used on “Ginans A to Z” Service have been taken from multiple sources and not necessarily only from Ginan Central.

Linking To Ginan Central - How It Works

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