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What is Kalame Mawla?

  • Kalame Mawla is a poem of 327 verses, composed in Hindi, whose content is inspired by sayings, speeches and sermons of Hazrat Imam Ali - our first Imam. The actual composer of the poem is not known.
  • The main message in the poem is ethical, stating the virtues to be cultivated (honesty, brotherhood etc) and the vices to be shunned (jealousy, greed etc).
  • However, it also has a doctrinal aspect (Islamic faith, theological beliefs) and deep esoteric mystical elements with a call to aspire higher spiritual reality through contemplation and acquisition of knowledge.
  • The ethical and esoteric aspects of Kalame Mawla have potential universal appeal beyond the followers of Islam.

JollyGul Kalame Mawla Service & User Guide

JollyGul Kalame Mawla Service
  • Play Kalame Mawla on our custom audio player.
  • Synchronized lyrics and translations will appear on the display screen .
  • Select title, start, pause, skip, forward, rewind, stop – you are in full control!
  • Search by verse, theme or reciter
How JollyGul Kalame Mawla custom audio player works
  • Select any Kalame Mawla recital from list by clicking on title.
  • Once complete, the audio player will play next Kalame Mawla from the play list at random (not in list order.)
  • To play specific Kalame Mawla recital, select by clicking on the title in the play list.
How Kalame Mawla search works
  • Search by verse, theme or reciter
  • Results of search will appear as you enter your search term.
  • Click on any title you wish to play from the search results.
  • Once it completes playing, audio player will play the next Kalame Mawla from the search results.
  • Clear search term from search box to see the main Kalame Mawla play list again.
Kalame Mawla Service versus Ginans-On-Demand Service versus JollyGul RADIO
  • This is a Kalame Mawla service available on demand. It plays only Kalame Mawla and displays lyrics and translations.
  • Here you play Kalame Mawla, pause, forward, rewind, skip and replay at will. And you see lyrics and translations as you hear the verses.
  • We have a separate Ginans-On-Demand service which only plays ginans without music as heard in Jamat Khanas. And JollyGul RADIO plays all types of Ismaili music (ginans with and without music, geets, qasidas, modern, fusion etc.)
  • We do not have specific mobile apps at present for our Kalame Mawla and Ginans-On-Demand services (unlike our radio which can be accessed through Android and iPhone Apps) but you can listen on your computer, tablet or even smartphone. Our service webpages and audio players are mobile friendly (fully responsive) so you should have no problem at all accessing them through your smartphone browser.
  • The easy to remember domain to access this Kalame Mawla service is www.KalameMawla.com
Icons and symbols and what they mean
  • Play
  • Skip to next title
  • Back to previous title
  • Shuffle/Ordered Playing - Audio Player set on random play as default, clicking this will make it play titles in order. To revert to random play, click it again and it will go back to Shuffle.
  • Repeat
  • Progress bar. You can forward, rewind the title by clicking at appropriate time point.


  • Our deep gratitude to all the reciters, to Ismaili.net for verses and translations and to Ginan Central for making audio files available.
  • For those wishing to learn more about the subject, these resources are helpful:
  • KALAM-I MAWLA Encyclopedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin (Ismaili.net)
    Qalaam-e-Mowla - Text and Translation (Ismaili.net)
    Ethics in the Kalam-i Mawla of Hazrat Ali By Farouk M. Topan (Simerg.com)