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What is Satgur Nur Na Putla?

  • Satgur Nur Na Putla is a granth (long format ginan) composed by Pir Satgur Nur.
  • Pir Satgur Nur was the earliest Pir who undertook the mission to spread Ismailism from Persia to the Indian Subcontinent. He is known for his pioneering efforts in establishment of the Satpanth tradition.
  • Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah once gave an analogy of the Satpanth mission as a plantation. In that context Pir Satgur Nur cleared the land. Pir Shams ploughed it, Pir Sadardin watered it and Pir Hasan Kabirudin bore the fruit.
  • Satgur Nur Na Putla is elaborate discourse and story of remarkable "miracles" that Pir Satgur Nur is said to have performed. Putla means idols.
  • Pir Satgur Nur died in 1094 and his mausoleum is at Navsari near Surat in India.

Acknowledgements & Credits:

  • Transliteration and Translation by Platinum Rahemtulla
  • Recitation by Karim Bhoja
  • Audio production by Arzina Merali